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 Heavy weapons withdrawn from Kominternove while terrorists hiding, - ATO press center

Militants have removed heavy equipment and weapons from Kominternove while hiding in the homes of local residents.

There is a reason to believe that terrorists are preparing another provocation involving the residents of the village, Censor.NET reports referring to the ATO press center.

According to the latest information, before the arrival of OSCE observers militants quickly withdrew all heavy equipment and weapons from the village deep in the rear. Threatening locals with physical violence, terrorists took their homes by force for hiding, also using abandoned buildings. The exact number of pro-Russian criminals staying in the village remains unknown.

However, during their stay in Kominternove, invaders had enough time to get in close touch with local population and prepared another provocation.

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"Threatening with violence, pro-Russian terrorists make locals tell OSCE representatives that the Ukrainian military allegedly resorted to illegal actions against them at the time when the settlement was not controlled by any of the parties. This is a complete lie, as the village is located in the so-called "gray area" and armed units should stay away form it according to preliminary agreements," the statement reads.

As also noted, this way the terrorists are trying to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and ATO forces and justify their unauthorized seizure of the village.
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