Cabinet reluctant to fund Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office as promised, - Kholodnytskyi

Government's draft budget provides that the specialized anti-corruption prosecutor's office should be funded as an ordinary department of the PGO.

As reported by Censor.NET, Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi said in an interview with Ukrinform.

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"What is the Cabinet doing with our funding? On Dec. 11, they introduced the revised draft state budget where, due to lack of funds, the provisions of article 81 (wages) of the law on prosecutor's office were suspended. That is, we will be funded as an ordinary PGO's department and our investigators will get 7,000-8,000 (approx. $300-340) a month," he said.

According to Kholodnytskyi, on Nov. 23, the prosecutor general wrote a letter to the prime minister, providing calculations in the amount of UAH 78.11 million, including salaries, the purchase of four basic Volkswagens Passat, utilities, and computer equipment.

"Considering $190 million in aid by U.S. Vice President Biden, we need no more than $3 million," Kholodnytskyi stated.

According to him, the law on prosecutor's office provides that "ordinary prosecutors [within the anti-corruption prosecutor's office - ed.] should receive about UAH 50,000 (about $2,000) per month. Mid-tier executives are supposed to earn about UAH 60,000, senior officials - UAH 65,000, me - about UAH 80,000. This are amounts inclusive of various bonuses."

He is also sure that with low salaries he won't be able to motivate people dealing with billion-worth scams.

"We have a situation, when all agree that corruption is our greatest evil, and it must be fought, but funding is absent. With such salaries I won't be able to motivate people dealing with billion-worth scams. What will I tell them? Guys, you will receive UAH 7,000, but be honest? Moreover, all the anti-corruption prosecutors are under scrutiny now, and any shameful act will have the effect of a bomb," Kholodnytskyi resented.

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He regards the poor funding as an unwillingness to fight corruption.

"When the NAB and the anti-corruption prosecutor's office get down to full-scale work, a chain reaction will start... I guess someone does not want us to do it. You know, in fact, the entire composition of the Cabinet falls within our scope. From prime minister and ministers to their deputies. Nobody wants to fund the construction of their own gallows! But there is pressure by Europe, there is pressure by the U.S., and we've got to show that something is being done," the prosecutor added.
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