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 "Okhendovskyi congratulated Vilkul more times than Putin congratulated Yanukovych," - MP Soboliev comments on Kryvyi Rih election

Samopomich parliamentary faction deputy Yehor Soboliev is outraged with the Rada's incapability to vote on early election in Kryvyi Rih.

He said on the sidelines of the Ukrainian parliament, commenting the podium's blocking to Censor.NET.

Soboliev reminded of a "civilized European law" on Kryvyi Rih election prepared by a group of deputies. "We have been told where to go together with the people. They said: "We are not going to intervene, let Vilkul be the winner, let the falsifications be legalized." This was said by the president's silence and keeping of the Central Election Committee, this was said by the parliament's unwillingness to vote for a certain decision, this was said by the Central Election Committee. Okhendovskyi [head of the CEC - ed.] already congratulated Vilkul more times than Putin congratulated Yanukovych. And this is also said by all pocket judges and policemen of Kryvyi Rih."

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The MP says there is only one way out - to gather the people and demand a European solution. "I am asking all of my colleagues in the Rada to understand that this is the last chance to solve the issue peacefully. I had a fight today with the Verkhovna Rada security which wasn't allowing people with passes to the building who traveled 500 km to get into the parliament."

He also announced that if there is no civilized decision on the matter, Samopomich will gather people for protests. "We have discussed this with Lviv. We are going to visit Kharkiv, Odesa, we will gather the entire Ukraine so that it catches by the throat those people who have forgotten what Euromaidan is and who have forgotten who elected them and who is the authority in fact," he said.

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