Turchynov: "Democracies will have to protect both English- and Russian-speaking people from creeping Putinism and its adherents"


In the new Kremlin's propaganda film "World Order" Putin openly stressed the need to revise the Yalta agreements.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov says, Censor.NET reports.

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"In early December this year, in my article for The Washington Post I predicted that Putin, who has destroyed the system of collective security both in Europe and in the world, would require reshaping global order and convening a new Yalta Conference for his "achievements" in Syria.

"We didn't have to wait for long. After an incomplete month, Vladimir Putin openly stresses the need to revise the Yalta agreements in the new Kremlin's propaganda film with an unambiguous name "World Order."

"In a normal language, this delirium means a call to reshape the world, its existing borders and establish a new format of global policy: the policy of war and force," Turchynov wrote.

"Meanwhile, he continues to threaten Ukrainians, promising to protect "Russian-speaking people from nationalists." Saying "nationalists" he means everyone who fights for an independent, democratic, and European Ukraine. It is clearly seen in the film that Putin is ready to apply the same scenario to protect the Arabic-speaking in Syria and the Turkiс-speaking in Turkey, anyone whose "moral values and orientations has been shaken." He is even willing to protect Europe from America.

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"The film is another evidence of Vladimir Putin's obsessive desire to reshape the world as well as recognition of aggression as the only form of Kremlin's dictator self-affirmation.

"That is why democratic countries have to understand it's time to protect both English- and Russian-speaking people, that is the entire civilized world, from creeping Putinism and its adherents," the NSDC secretary noted.
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