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 Kryvyi Rih residents gather at popular assembly for mayor re-election

Another popular assembly is held in Kryvyi Rih today, Dec. 20. The people who came on the streets demand re-election of the city's mayor.

Local community activists, representatives of political parties, volunteers, and common city residents are taking part in the rally, Censor.NET reports citing a local website.

Patriotic readings by local poets opened the rally. After that the people performed the national anthem.

The assembly is headlined by Samopomich deputy of the city council Olha Bondarenko. Representatives of UKROP, Samopomich, and Batkivshchyna parties are present on the stage.

City residents plan to discuss the participation in the rally which will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 22, near the Verkhovna Rada.

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A teleconference with Lviv is expected to communicate the participants of the rally with Samopomich MPs Yehor Soboliev and Semen Semenchenko.

Local volunteers are also to tell about Christmas trips to the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area in support of Ukrainian servicemen.

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