"Experts on criminal offenses will not be dismissed, but those who beat people on Maidan should be punished," Butusov commented on recertification of police officers

Criminalists who personally visit scenes of murders, robberies and thefts are very valuable employees, and no one is going to fire them from the law enforcement agencies.

Censor.NET Chief Editor, member of the Central Certification Commission of the Ministry of Internal affairs of Ukraine Yurii Butusov said on air of Hromadske TV.

According to him, if a controversial decision is taken during re-certification of such experts, there exists the appeals commission that has the right to review the decision and will do its best for a skilled employee to continue one's service.

However, Butusov said that there were detachments of the Interior Ministry that had nothing to do with criminal investigations and were engaged in "wrestling valuables away from people and beating them". They were the ones who were involved in the crimes on the Maidan, Censor.NET Chief Editor insisted.

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