Volunteer detachment commander wants it to become part of National Guard, says yesterday's incident was provocation by SBU

SBU's statement about apprehension in Mariupol of an illegal armed group is a provocation against Odin - a detachment led by Ruslan "Rem" Kachmala, previously part of Right Sector - which announced in summer it sought transition to the National Guard of Ukraine.

Censor.NET cites a phone commentary by Kachmala.

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He claims that after quitting Right Sector, Odin was trying to officially become part of the National Guard during five months as well as to formalize weapons that the SBU now qualifies as that of illegal origin.

"I came to the National Guard with my personal ammunition and weapon. We seized everything in battle, at enemy checkpoints. These explosives - 200 kilograms of TNT - were seized from separatists by me and the guys near the airport [Donetsk airport - ed.]," Rem noted.

According to the fighter, this provocation is nothing more than a PR move by security forces.

At present, 19 Odin's soldiers have been captured. According to Rem, the accusations are absurd, as he long time ago said about the arms and expressed desire to have it registered with the National Guard.

"They just don't let me be through with it. I want the detachment to be official, show an example of a combat ready unit. I've already shown it - not a single fighter has died during year and a half," he stated.

Kachmala suggests the leadership of the SBU is involved in yesterday's incident.

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"They initially intended to destroy me. Then they would be able to state that an illegal armed unit has been eliminated... We were removed from Pisky after I had revealed the traffic in weapons, petrol, and diesel. There were also facts of drug trafficking. I have a video exposing how and why the commander of the engineer troops of the 93rd brigade was killed. The SBU does not like it, as it does not want to deal with these crimes. I haven't exposed these facts so far, but sooner or later I'll make them public," Rem said.

At the moment, the apprehended fighters need legal and media assistance, Kachmala noted. According to him, he would like to speak to someone from security forces publicly.

As previously reported, the ATO HQ said the SBU counterintelligence together with a task force unit of Mariupol military commandant's office apprehended an illegal armed group on Dec. 17, seizing a large amount of small arms, RPGs, ammunition, bombs, explosives, as well as military uniform, surveillance facilities, and edged weapons.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n365697