Russian warplane violated Estonia's airspace, ambassador summoned

самолет ан-72

The Estonian Defense Forces have recorded another case of the violation of country's airspace by Russian military aircraft.

As reported by Censor.NET citing rus.err.ee, at 00:10 p.m., near the island of Vayndloo in the Gulf of Finland, a Russian An-72 military cargo aircraft entered Estonia's airspace, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces informed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia summoned a representative of the Russian Embassy to file a note of protest.

The aircraft stayed in the airspace of Estonia for at least one minute. Aircraft transponder was switched on. The plane's crew earlier presented a flight plan according to which the aircraft was supposed to fly in international airspace only.

During its stay in the airspace of Estonia, the plane did not go for a radio contact with the dispatcher service.

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