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 Officials included 100 billion hryvnia into draft budget to cover their wants, - expert group of co-authors of parliamentary tax reform draft

The draft budget-2016 has been developed taking into account increased funds that officials will be able to dispose off as they see fit.

Such opinion has been voiced by Danylo Monin, a representative of the expert group of co-authors of the parliamentary tax reform draft No.3357 which is currently analyzing the draft budget submitted Dec. 11 in his comment to Censor.NET.

According to him, the Finance Ministry increased the budget revenues by 48 billion hryvnia (about $1.92 billion) compared to the draft submitted in September. In particular, it is planned to receive 13.4 billion hryvnia (about $536 million) from confiscation of the former government representatives' assets.

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As explained by the expert, state budget expenditures are planned to be increased by 27.7% (from 527 to 674 billion hryvnia) next year compared with the estimated state budget expenditures for the current year.

At the same time, Monin expected that "officials will receive additional resource amounting to 100 billion."

In particular, according to the expert, the amount envisaged by the draft budget for the national debt payment was inflated.

In addition, the draft budget-2016 envisaged large funds for the payment of subsidies, which bore corruption risks.

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"The enormous amount of 35 billion hryvnia is included for payment of subsidies to the citizens. ... Given the fact that the total gas consumption in 2015 for the country as a whole will fall from 42 billion cubic meters to 33-35 billion cubic meters while the needs of the population will be covered by less than 20 billion cubic meters, such government grant inflating the state budget looks more like a fund for corrupt practices," the expert believes.

Direct costs of a number of state bodies and agencies have also been increased. In particular, direct expenditures of the Ministry of Finance have been doubled, funding of the State Fiscal Service has been increased by 30 percent.

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