Poroshenko on Avakov-Saakashvili incident: He who provides evidence base will be more persuasive

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has voiced his position regarding the incident between Interior Minister Avakov and Odesa Governor Saakashvili, which occurred at the National Council of Reforms meeting.

Censor.NET reports referring to presidential press service.

"As president, guarantor of the Constitution, rights and freedoms of citizens, I cannot keep silent about the infamous incident which occurred on Monday at the National Council of Reforms.

"This platform often sees acute and heated discussions. It provokes different points of view and ideas, helps reach compromises and come up with reforms.

"However, coarse language and insults are inadmissible at the National Council of Reforms. Especially those with xenophobic overtones that affect national dignity, question Ukrainian patriotism, and offer somebody to "get out of Ukraine".

"It was me who invited the international team of reformers to Ukraine, which has already become a truly Ukrainian team not only in terms of passports but also in terms of spirit. I do not regret about this decision.

"On the other hand, struggle against corruption is not a show business. I would like people's deputies and public servants to avoid taking part in such "shows."

"Not those who speak better but those who provide evidence base to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau will be more persuasive.

"It is a new, independent government body formed on the basis of transparent competition and rigorous selection of director, detectives, and prosecutors.

"It is high time to switch from anti-corruption shows to anti-corruption cases," the president stated.

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