Tereshchuk dismissed for organizing militia officers' demonstration

Former head of Kyiv police Oleksandr Tereshchuk was dismissed for organization of the Dec. 13 demonstration of militia officers who had not passed re-certification.

Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote about it in his article "Dismissal of Kyiv Police Head Tereshchuk for Organization of Discharged Militiamen Demonstration. Political Risks for National Police Reform" (in Russian).

According to Butusov, Tereshchuk was appointed head of the Kyiv police as a favor to President Poroshenko.

"Avakov explained to members of the [Higher Attestation Interior Ministry- ed.] commission: "Tereshchuk's appointment is an imperative request of the president. We were told directly that if we do not appoint Tereshchuk, there will be problems with Petro Poroshenko Bloc's support of the police budget, of law passing, and thus the reform will be derailed. So I and Khatia [Dekanoidze, head of National Police - ed.] have this common position to appoint Tereshchuk, and after 100 days to test performance of all heads of regional departments and make objective decisions," Butusov wrote citing Avakov's words.

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The reason why Khatia Dekanoidze and Arsen Avakov risked for this conflict with President Poroshenko is the protest of the dismissed police officers near the Interior Ministry building against the police reform on Dec. 13, organized by Tereshchuk, Butusov wrote.

"It was not their own initiative - they gathered by order. Mass participation of the dismissed Kyiv militia officers in the demonstration was secured by direct order of Tereshchuk and several heads of district departments. Why was this demonstration held? Because after having appointed Tereshchuk, Khatia and Avakov did not approve re-certification of acting heads of district departments of Kyiv police. While Tereshchuk wanted to keep his people on the positions. He was appointed by political logic and he wanted to keep the old team on leading positions in Kyiv by the same political logic. Tereshchuk understood this the very way I anticipated," Butusov noted.

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According to him, Tereshchuk was sold by some of his subordinates, who were among organizers of the protest activity near the Interior Ministry but later decided to join the 'light side' and turned themselves in to Khatia Dekanoidze.

"After receiving evidence of Tereshchuk's involvement in the event against the police reform, Khatia did not hesitate and issued a dismissal order immediately, which was immediately signed by Avakov," Butusov told.
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