Intermediaries in trade between ISIS and Damascus have Russian citizenship, - Turkey's Ambassador to Ukraine

Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine Yönet Can Tezel said that NATO members were aware of Russia's cooperation with the terrorist organization "Islamic State".

He said this in an interview with Glavkom, commenting on the recent relevant statement by the Turkish President, Censor.NET reports.

"First of all, our allies have the same information. Turkey is a member of the NATO - we and our partners know what is happening there, just like we know a lot about developments in the east of Ukraine and Crimea. That was actually the reason why our NATO partners have made the statement calling on Russia to make efforts to be a truer partner, to struggle against terrorism in Syria," the ambassador said.

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He noted that Russia can actually help Syria. "If Russia manages to accede to the international anti-terrorist team, then it would actually be able to provide assistance in this fight. But so far, we see that it acts unilaterally, with lack of cooperation with the coalition. It seems that most of Russia's actions are aimed to grant the leeway to the regime of Bashar al-Assad," Turkish Ambassador said.

"We know that there are links between ISIS and Damascus. The U.S. has prepared a formal report, which just unveils the intermediaries in trade between ISIS and Damascus. These intermediaries have Russian citizenship. Thus, some of the information is already available," he said.

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