Dremov eliminated by FSB; "DPR" warlords to follow, - Butusov

Militants will continue to dispute over redistribution of spheres of influence, with more murders of "DPR" warlords yet to come.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"On May 24, I predicted that terrorist Dremov would be eliminated by the FSB and I was right: "Now, out of the "ideological" "LPR" warlords only Leshy and Dremov are there. Another person competing with Plotnitsky in robberies and seizures is Russian terrorist Kozitsyn. We'll expect new liquidations by the FSB."

"The FSB proved me right and it was such a pleasure. Dremov turned idiot, got his bomb from Russian puppeteers - a Land Cruiser presented by his deputy got carefully stuffed with explosives by them.

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"Now it's time to eliminate Alexei "Leshy" Pavlov, the last warlord to have been in conflict with Plotnitsky. It would be nice if the same happened to Kozitsyn, but he's cautious at the moment, often goes to Russia, fears being cleaned out," Butusov wrote.

According to him, the disputes between gangs undermine the motivation and morale of the enemy.

"It's a positive. I'm a bit disappointed about the "DPR" lagging behind - it's time for Zakharchenko to liquidate Khmury and his gang, as he breeds too many scandals and conflicts. I think killings of "DPR" warlords are yet to come.

"And it won't be different - gangs are fighting over the spheres of influence, sources of income, cash from Russian "sponsors." It's about dialectic. Criminals will be at war against each other," Butusov resumed.
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