Employee of Ukrainian literature library in Moscow Muntian went missing after search in her apartment

Head of order division of Ukrainian literature library (ULL) in Moscow Tetiana Muntian went missing in Moscow after a Monday morning search in her apartment.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, this was announced by another ULL employee Anna Pavlenko, whose home has been searched as well.

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According to the medium, Muntian is a citizen of Ukraine.

"Neither her husband, nor her lawyer, nor me can find Tetiana Muntian. Her home phone is not responding, her cell phone has been turned off during the search," Pavlenko said.

Pavlenko also informed that her home was searched starting from 7 a.m. this morning. During the search, a guide on processing extremists materials and certificates of books retirement were seized. The searchers have also confiscated flash-memory with the search dated Oct. 28 in the library itself. They also have seized a booklet about legal aspects of Holodomor [Famine in Ukraine in 1932-322 - ed.], which is not of extremist nature.

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As reported earlier, a search was conducted in the Ukrainian literature library in Moscow on Oct. 28, during which the police planted nationalistic literature. The fact has been noted by the library employee Muntian. The search was also conducted in the home of the ULL director Natalya Sharina.

On Oct. 30 Sharina was placed under house arrest for two months. Investigators stated that she was distributing 'extremist literature' among the library's visitors.

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Muntian was interrogated by Russian law enforcers on Nov. 2 as a witness of the case.

Russian 'Memorial' human rights recognized Sharina a political prisoner. Moscow city court ruled to keep her under house arrest under Dec. 27.

Today, Dec. 14, investigators conducted searches in the homes of Sharina's daughter and witnesses of the case - Pavlenko and Muntian.
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