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 "It is not difficult to replace 100% of judges in Ukraine," - MP Yemets

It is not difficult to replace all the judges in Ukraine; however, appropriate working conditions that do not force officials to receive bribes must be secured for the new people.

People's Front faction MP, member of the Constitutional Commission dealing with judicial reform Leonid Yemets said in an interview to Censor.NET.

According to Yemets, there is not a single conscientious judge in Ukraine today. The entire judiciary establishment should be definitely replaced by new scrupulous and educated people.

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"One hundred percent of our judges are linked by mutual responsibility. If you remove 30 percent of malicious corrupt judges, nothing good will come of it. The remaining judges will turn them into the same ones, as they themselves are. The system where corrupt practices are operating will destroy certain elements that will even have the desire to get rid of it," Yemets said.

According to the lawmaker, the new people should be granted access to the system; "the procedure of transparent competition should be established to attract lawyers without experience in the court system," in order to overcome this situation.

"When Lozhkin starts telling us that we have no possibility to replace 9,000 judges, it is a misstatement at the very least. About 12,000 students receive relevant higher education in Ukraine yearly. It is about 300,000 over 25 years. Of course, not all of them have the required skills. But 20,000 of them work as lawyers. Another 10,000 are university professors and notaries. They are professional lawyers. What should be done to attract them to become judges? Firstly - public demand. Secondly - high salaries. A professor will aspire to such a job when he is sure that this position will not force him to extort bribes," Yemets said.

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According to the MP, a judge must have a salary of at least 50,000 hryvnia (about $2,000) per month to keep him away from bribes.

"Unfortunately, the amendments to the Constitution offered by the president and his Administration provide for recertification. This means that only a part of current judges will be weeded out. It will not change anything. We must grant the new people possibility to take up posts. There is no room for discussion at all. What could be easier and clearer? It is easy to replace one hundred percent of judges. The only thing is that it will not be carried out in an instant," Yemets said.

Two or three years are needed to replace the judicial manpower, he said.

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