Putin demands nuclear triad upgrade

Russian President Vladimir Putin insists on further technical re-equipment of country's army and navy.

He said this today during the expanded meeting of Russia's Defense Ministry Board, Censor.NET reports citing RIA Novosti.

"We need to continue the technical re-equipment of army and navy in order to cement the positive trends that have been achieved as a result of the state armament program," Putin said.

"I ask for a careful control of expenditures under the state defense order as well as effective use of the new financial monitoring system. I have repeatedly said, and I want to emphasize once again - we don't have extra money. All that is planned must be implemented on due dates and in the framework of previously allocated budget," Putin said.

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Putin also urged the Defense Ministry and other authorities to keep a close eye on the situation in the world and correspondingly update country's defense plan. He also ordered that attention was paid to reinforcing strategic nuclear forces.

"The troops should be trained to use up-to-date combat technologies in a rhythmic and high-quality manner. Particular attention should be paid to strengthening the potential of strategic nuclear forces, implementation of defense space programs. It is necessary to upgrade all the components of the nuclear triad, as planned. We should increase the effectiveness of missile attack warning and aerospace defense systems," Putin went on.

According to him, the development of strategic nuclear forces logistic is also crucial. "We also have to bear in mind Strategic Missile Forces positioning, strategic missile submarines stationing, and long-range aviation airports," Putin added.
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