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 Poroshenko Bloc at odds over state budget

The 2016 draft state budget will be introduced before the parliament as soon as the new draft Tax Code is submitted.

Poroshenko Bloc faction deputy chairman Ihor Kononenko said, Censor.NET reports.

According to Kononenko, the budget will be submitted along with the Tax Code. Furthermore, the budget will be adopted on the basis of the new Tax Code.

When asked whether the adoption would take place in the last plenary week before the New Year, Kononenko noted that faction chairman Yurii Lutsenko had registered a relevant resolution to convene an extraordinary meeting for the adoption of the draft budget.

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"I hope that tomorrow deputies will support the resolution to gather for an extraordinary meeting next Thursday, dedicated to the consideration of amendments to the Tax Code," he said.

At the same time Kononenko notes that the deputies and the government are now close to a compromise on the new Tax Code.

However, Kononenko's faction colleague Mykola Tomenko seems not so optimistic.

He believes that the next week will see an extraordinary meeting intended for "the so-called presentation of the budget. Pressed for time on New Year's eve, the deputies will be forced to vote. The Budget Code has not been amended as I offered. It reeks of Yanukovych era. This means that MPs have no right to introduce any amendments and a few people at the Cabinet and the Presidential Administration will be finalizing the budget. Both you and we likewise will not see the final version. Therefore, nothing has changed," Tomenko said.
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