Key messages of US Vice President Biden's address to Ukrainian parliament

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden brought up many important issues in his speech at the Verkhovna Rada Dec. 7.

Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

The Parliament's mission

Ukrainian MPs have a historical opportunity to get remembered, to stay in history as a Parliament that put the new liberty columns Ukrainians were waiting and looking forward to for so long.

The authorities' commitments to the nation

The President, the Government and its every member nowadays faces this task. According to the American early-period patriot Tomas Pain, these are the times that try men's souls, and now this is the time that tries the souls of Ukrainians. This is your time, this is your responsibility [adressing the MPs - ed.]. Each of you faces the responsibility to use this possibility in order to accept this challenge of history and, finally, build the united, democratic Ukrainian nation, which would be able to stand against the time challenges.

Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea

In the 21st century the countries cannot change the borders by force and cannot be allowed to do so. That's the ground rules. Russia has broken these rules and continues doing it. And now Russia occupies the independent Ukrainian territory. The U.S. will never accept the attempt of Russia to occupy Crimea. There's no justification for such actions. While Russia keeps on transferring their soldiers and tanks through the border and all of this is ruled by Moscow, the U.S. keep on standing against the Russian aggression with Ukraine.

The spirit of Ukrainian nation

The whole world is watching you [Ukraine - ed.]. This is a fact, they are observing you because they hope that your success in your struggle against ruthless Russia as well as against the cancer of corruption will have a consequence for them. Both your struggles are supported by the American country, the American people, including almost one million proud Americans of Ukrainian origin; all European countries, including your neighbors, are interested in your democratic success. Your people are one of the most freedom-loving people in the world. Everybody is looking at you. I really don't overstate saying that almost all the people around the world support you, because so many things depends on you succeed or not".

The right for freedom and sovereignty

Long time ago, in winter 2009, the President asked me to give a speech at the European conference in Munich and tell about the main principles of our ruling, about the ways of cooperation between our Biden-Obama administration and the world. Then I told that we wouldn't accept any country which would like to show off its influence. We say that all the nations must have their right for sovereignty.

Putin and Russian military aggression in Eastern Ukraine

I don't think that the Russians clearly understand what Putin is doing, that's why he usually hides from his people. The Russian forces are present in your country. The heavy weapons have to be withdrawn from the front line, the access for the OSCE representatives has to be provided. Russia has to press the separatists in order to hold the elections according to Ukrainian legislation and the standards of OSCE.

The future of Donbas

I also would like to apply to the Donbas people. The alternative to what I've said is to continue living under the separatists, bandits and offenders, who refuse from humanitarian assistance, don't let in such organizations as "Doctors without borders". It isn't the future people, Ukrainians want for their children, that's why the full implementation of Minsk agreements is needed. Holding in Ukraine free and fair elections is the point which troubles Kremlin the most. That's not only your territory, your success frighten them as well. When free elections are held and people take a decision (I'm sure they will decide to remain a part of Ukraine), that they are Ukrainians, this will frighten Russia and Putin, first of all.

The course of democratic reforms in Ukraine

Although you've already done so many crucial things, your way isn't finished yet. Not everything is done. It's not enough just to organize the bureau of corruption prevention. In order to hold this fight you need to conduct judicial reforms to be able to bring to justice all the responsible persons, to make them separate their private and state interests. These are the main principles of democracy. Corruption takes away the resources, it prevents the economy from development.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n364291