Biden pledged West’s support for Ukraine: Aggressor around the world must understand they cannot use tanks to extinguish dreams of people

The whole world is supporting Ukraine.

This was stated by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in his address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"I've visited every part of this world. … I've traveled millions of miles. … The whole world is watching you [Ukraine - ed.]. It's a fact, they're watching you. Because they hope for your success, that your fight against the aggression of the Kremlin and the cancer of corruption will have impact on them.

"In both these struggles, you have the support of the United States and of America and the American people, including one million of proud Ukrainian Americans. You have the united support of Europe, Western, Central, Eastern Europe - all invested in your democratic success," Biden stressed.

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The vice president said that this democratic experience of Ukraine is to show all aggressors of the world that they cannot use tanks to extinguish dreams and hopes of the people.

Biden recalled his speech at the Munich conference in 2009 on the Obama-Biden administration's guidelines in foreign policy.

"What I said then I will repeat now. I said that we will not recognize any nation having a sphere of influence. Sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances. Period," the vice president said, the words followed by a round of applause.

"In the 21st century the countries cannot and we cannot allow them to redraw borders with force," Biden stressed. These are the rules, he said, and if they are not complied with, the world will be ruined.

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"Russia has violated these ground rules, and it continues to violate them. Today, Russia is occupying sovereign Ukrainian territory. Let me be crystal clear - the United States does not, will not, and never will recognize Russia's attempt to annex Crimea. There is no justification. And as Russia continues to send its troops, its mercenaries across the border, Russian tanks and missiles still fill the Donbas, separatist forces are organized, commanded, directed by Moscow! By Moscow!" emphasized Biden, assuring that the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine against the Russian aggression.

The U.S. vice president reiterated American willingness to support and train Ukrainian military. He also said that as long as Russia continues its aggression, the sanctions, and the price Russia pays for it, will last, Biden said in the Ukrainian parliament.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n364206