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 Russia will be unable to fully supply Crimea with energy in next 10-12 months, - Ukrenerho

The Russian Federation will not be able to provide power supply in annexed Crimea on its own within the next 10-12 months.

NEC Ukrenerho Acting Head Vsevolod Kovalchuk said, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"We do not know the details of the construction of "power bridge" and other networks necessary for its operation in the territory of the Rostov region and in the territory of Crimea. We assessed these expenditures: they range between half a billion to two billion dollars. They have significantly accelerated activities for the construction of the "power bridge" recently but even if it is finished before the end of this month, it will nowise be able to provide even 80% of the needs of Crimea. We think that it will be able to cover 45-50% of Crimea at best during the evening peak period. Those figures, which are voiced by the representatives of their so-called "authorities", take into account the energy generated including by the solar power plants that operate at daytime only while they cannot operate at full capacity. It is impossible to restore the power supply in Crimea in full by means of additional measures including the construction of a power bridge within the next 10-12 months," Kovalchuk said.

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