EU to thoroughly assess Nord Stream II, sees no reasons to close it, - Commissioner Hahn

EU officials have repeatedly said they can’t block a project that abides by the region’s laws.

Commenting on Ukraine PM Yatseniuk's earlier statement that Nord Stream II has to be blocked, the EU's neighborhood commissioner Johannes Hahn reiterated that line, saying it was "important to keep competition" in the energy sector and insisted that if the project abides by EU rules, "we don't have a hook."

This is reported by Censor.NET citing The Wall Street Journal.

"But we will have a very sound and thorough assessment" of the project, he pledged.

The issue could come up at a meeting of EU leaders later this month. A letter signed by a number of EU governments was sent to the European Commission recently expressing concerns about the project.

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U.S. officials have also pushed the EU not to proceed with the project, arguing it could significantly increase Russia's leverage over its neighbor.

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