"Criminal negligence or high treason," - Chief of Staff unveils photos of commandos under cover

This negligence should entail responsibility, including dismissal and punishment under criminal law.

Volunteer Vitali Deineha wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"It is ether criminal negligence or treason. I have no other words to describe the deed of Gen. Viktor Muzhenko. He posted pictures of people considered to be under cover on his Facebook page the day before yesterday. The people, whose photos the Russian FSB and GRU would pay a fortune for. These photos were posted in the open source. I have immediately wrote about it to the general and made calls to our mutual friends to help him remedy the situation," Deineha stressed.

However, he notes that the pictures were only removed today.

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"And I can write about it only now. It's not just treason. For several reasons this will lead to an international incident or rather has already led to it in more exact terms. The volunteers have long been accused of information disclosure. We have learned to "blur" faces and take pictures without geo-tagging. We often bring aid first and only after that write that it has been delivered to exclude any possibility of helping the enemy. Many people in these photos will not be able to fulfill their duty on the other side of the front. The FSB agents give a standing ovation and can already start searching for the relatives and families of the guys from the photographs," he wrote.

"I very much hope that this case will end with trial. Such an act would definitely be treated as high treason in the U.S., while the person who committed it would end up in jail regardless of the rank. Could end up, to be more exact, since it is impossible there," Deineha added.

The volunteer also informed that the meeting was attended by Serhii Kryvonos, whom Muzhenko was trying to drive out from Special Operations Forces (SOF).

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"Viktor (Muzhenko - Ed.) wrote in his controversial post that he was dissatisfied with the pace of creation of SOF. This is the formal reason to ease Kryvonos out. But it was actually Muzhenko's fault. A year has passed since our incompetent generalship started doing everything including cross-breeding commandos with airborne troops, putting paratrooper in charge of SOF, using commandos as "medical ambulance", but not creating Special Operations Forces. At the same time, they want to dismiss Kryvonos, who is known to be unquestioned authority and the only worthy candidate for the post of SOF commander, according to the vast majority of the commandos. It is said that Muzhenko is reading for a doctorate on Special Operations Forces. I would be very pleased to see his doctoral dissertation also containing this incident under the headline "They would have been executed for this in 1937". I sincerely hope that the president will make personnel conclusions, and then there will be a trial," he wrote.

Deineha also calls on to sign a petition in support of Serhii Kryvonos.

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