Training of platoon and unit commanders of new National Guard brigade created under NATO standards to start Dec. 17

This is the first professional infantry unit consisting of volunteers solely, created under NATO standards and meeting requirements of the modern ‘hybrid’ warfare and low-intensity local conflict.

Censor.NET 's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page.

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"On Nov. 30, NATO representatives in Ukraine, headed by Deputy Director of NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine Ann-Kristin Bjergene, held a meeting in the Interior Ministry with Deputy Interior Minister on European Integration Tigran Avakyan, at which Tzvi Arieli and I were also present. The issues of cooperation with NATO on the project of the 1st light infantry brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, which is currently being formed in Hostomel, the Kyiv region, have been discussed.

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"NATO representatives were informed of and invited to the first maneuvers of junior leaders of the new light infantry brigade.

"On Nov. 17, the National Guard, by order of the Interior Minister, will conduct its first military drills in the new 1st light infantry brigade. This is a training course for the light infantry units and platoon commanders, which course has to show the ability of junior leaders to think independently and act initiatively, to take responsibility in various staged situations and a difficult tactical situation. To secure search for and evacuation of the wounded in the most demanding conditions. The brigade's commanders will be trained to command the units using NATO standards and operating procedures; the headquarters will be involved in full and command using NATO model.

"The infantry will also be trained to act independently and conduct combat tasks in case of losing the unit's command, as well as taught how to act in close-in skirmishes, when having lost the commander or a soldier, and how to search for those and cover the evacuation.

"This will be the first professional infantry unit consisting of volunteers solely, created under NATO standards and meeting requirements of the modern 'hybrid' warfare and low-intensity local conflict, which will last in the Donbas for a while. Infantry is the basis and the core of an army, and the infantry's quality is showing of a real level of army's combat effectiveness.

"In order to create a unit under NATO standards, selection and screening process of the personnel should be implemented at first place. More than 4,000 people applied to the new brigade in three months. 1,050 volunteer candidates were invited for interview. More than 500 were admitted to taking exams. 130 candidates have passed the test. The influx of volunteers continues; junior leaders' training has started. The brigade headquarters is being trained under field service manual of the U.S. army.

"This is not Spetznaz, this is light infantry. The tests are aimed at checking morale and will of the candidates, their willingness to work and win as a professional infantry soldier. There are many patriots, anti-terrorist operation veterans, and honored soldiers among those admitted. These people will sign a three-year contract. Most of them are active participants of the revolution and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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"Nov. 17, the first drills of the light infantry of the new brigade will be attended by foreign military attachés, diplomats, Ukrainian authorities, journalists.

"After the personnel learns the U.S. army regulations and standard operational procedures of NATO countries, the brigade's command hopes for NATO assistance in equipment, first of all with modern communication devices and automated systems of troop command, and in creation of a modern training center at the Stare shooting range.

"Certainly, after the first tactic battalion group is created, the National Guard command will ask the state authorities to deploy the light infantry units directly at the front line.

"We are creating a military unit that will become one of important factors of security and independence of Ukraine. It was very symbolic and responsible to speak about it on the day of the second anniversary of the Maidan disperse [Nov. 30 - ed.] and Putin and Yanukovych's attempt to takeover and destroy independent Ukraine. Never again.

"The talks were constructive, and we have received a feedback from NATO office, which is very important for the project implementation. And yes, the brigade needs motivated volunteers.

"HR department of the brigade is located at 1 Proskurivska St., Hostomel, the Kyiv region. Phone numbers +38 (098)614-50-47, +38 (095)686-28-63, +38 (073)474-68-63, e-mail: 3018kadru@ukr.net," Butusov wrote.

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