Alliance with terrorists to fight terrorism is madness, - Ukraine's NSDC Secretary commented on Russia's participation in broad anti-terrorist coalition

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov considered that the world history knew enough examples of using one terrorist group to fight the other terrorist group, but none of such cooperations had a "happy end".

Oleksandr Turchynov wrote in his article TERRORISM. HYBRID WAR. RUSSIA. published by Censor.NET.

It should be reminded that French President Francois Hollande wanted Putin to join "grand coalition" to fight ISIS.

"President Francois Hollande's statements seem to be logical: it is necessary to defeat global terrorism and all efforts are to be consolidated for this. But whom the esteemed French President, who, by the way, made a lot to restore peace in Ukraine, wants to consolidate efforts with? To consolidate efforts with the center of power, which finances and forms a global terrorist threat? To consolidate efforts with the country, which openly violates international agreements signed by it and the UN Charter, vetoes the decision to establish international tribunal to punish terrorists-Russian mercenaries, who destroyed the Malaysian "Boeing" with the help of anti-aircraft missile system "B UK", provided by Russia?

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The failure to see the Russian threat, the attempts to interact with the country which disrupted the world order, has occupied a part of the independent state, with the country that threatens to use nuclear weapons, furthers destabilization in Europe and in the world, with the country that does not value life even of its own citizens, - means to condemn and provoke a transformation of local military conflict into a global one. This means to legalize the crash of the world order and to contribute the oncoming of the moment when cruise missiles will fly in the other direction.The alliance with terrorists to fight terrorism is a madness that will provoke even greater aggression and violence. This alliance will result in the increase of casualties among the civilians. The attempts to negotiate with Russia and Putin trigger the mechanism, which went off on the Sept. 11, but its scale will be more terrible and atrocious.

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An effective and informatory response should be given to the Kremlin instead of offering cooperation. This response should be consolidated, comprehensive and adequate, in line with all the components of the hybrid war unleashed by Moscow: military, economic, financial, legal, informational, cybernetic...and, which is the most important, it should be efficacious!Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n363116