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 Turkey and China create Consortium to route delivery of goods to EU around Russia

China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia intend to form a consortium for the transport of goods from Asia to Europe.

Georgian Railways JSC CEO told, Censor.NET reports citing Contact.az

Istanbul hosted a presentation of the opportunities and prospects of development of the Trans-Caspian international transport route (TMTM) China-Turkey-Europe.

The presentation took place within the annual International Transport Logistics Exhibition Logitrans. The event was attended by representatives of major transport logistics operators in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lithuania.

"Trans Caucasus Terminals is already working with the co-founders of the international consortium that operates in all countries on this route," Georgian Railways CEO Levan Sulaberidze said .

"It is planned to deliver several containers through the territory of Georgia as part of this project for the next year. The goods will be supplied in Turkey through this route in the near future and they will start being delivered to northern and eastern Europe through Ukraine from the next year," Sulaberidze said.

"Georgia will again be a part of the Silk Road due to this project," he said.

The sides reached an agreement to launch regular container service between China and Europe.

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