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 3,386 former militia officers of Kyiv and region could not pass re-evaluation and to be dismissed, - Interior Minister Avakov

About 37.47 percent of militia officers from Kyiv and the region scored under 25 out of 60 points in one of the two tests and will be dismissed.

The total of 3,386 former militia servicemen will be fired. This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the re-evaluation has been taking place for several days now.

Under the police reform in Ukraine, all former militia servicemen are allowed to pass re-evaluation tests in order to be able to remain in service as police officers within the new structure, the minister reminded.

The re-evaluation comprises three key components: GST (general skills test for logic, verbal communication, and abilities to process information, make conclusions and analyse data), professional skills test, and an interview with members of the public.

The first two tests are conducted by means of computers.

Those servicemen who scored under 25 out of 60 points for the first two tests are considered failing are should be dismissed, Avakov wrote.

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The minister provides the following numbers:

- 18,044 persons were allowed to pass the tests in Kyiv and the Kyiv region;

- 9,037 persons (1,136 chiefs and 7,101 privates) have passes the two stages of the tests as of today, Nov. 27;

- average score is 31.57 out of 60.

"37.47 percent of those tested (3,386 former militia servicemen) scored under 25 at one or both of the tests, this showing a VERY low control result. They will be dismissed and NOT ENROLLED IN THE NATIONAL POLICE.

"5,651 persons (52.53% of those tested) are allowed to take the final stage of the re-evaluation - an interview with an assessment committee of public representatives and those of the new service of internal security. Officers with positive interview outcomes will be enrolled in the police - however, it looks obvious that there will be a significant screening-out at this stage as well," Avakov wrote.

He also added that structural reforms should have significantly higher demands to new police personnel. After the re-evaluation is finished in Kyiv and the region, it will be conducted in other regions of Ukraine, the minister summed up.

He added that new Uzhhorod-Mukacheve police starts operating this Sunday, Nov. 29.
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