UK may join air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria

The United Kingdom is likely to join the air strikes on Islamic State militants in Syria.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 5 Channel, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said it during his speech in the Parliament.

He urged the House of Commons to allow the government to send planes to Syria.

The UK has been part of the anti-ISIS coalition since 2014. However, until now its aircraft have attacked the terrorists' positions only in Iraq.

According to Cameron, the UK will be using only high-precision missiles in Syria. This will help prevent civilian casualties. Russia, meanwhile, has again started to bomb the positions of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition, the prime minister noted.

As previously reported, Russia's aircraft bombed a convoy of 20 Turkish trucks on the Syrian side of the border. The vehicles were carrying exclusively humanitarian aid - food, clothing, and essential goods. The convoy was on its way to a local refugee camp with people fleeing the Russian bombings in other regions.

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