Political prisoner Karpiuk kidnapped and tortured in Russian captivity, - lawyer Novikov

Russian special services illegally kidnapped Right Sector deputy leader Mykola Karpiuk in 2014.

Ilya Novikov, lawyer of Karpiuk and Nadiia Savchenko, told Censor.NET in an interview.

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"First, there was Malofeyev, who, apparently, didn't fight in Chechnya as well. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison for crimes not related to Chechnya. He's got AIDS. On March 3, 2014, this person suddenly starts testifying - he mentions Yatseniuk, Yarosh, Tiahnybok brothers ... At this, Karpyuk was not named at first.

"However, Yarosh, who Malofeyev also mentioned, was continuously contacted and asked to come to Russia, for Putin allegedly saw him as a person with power and wanted to talk to him! Yarosh did not go. But his deputy on ideological work Karpiuk did and was captured at the border, though there was no testimony against him at that time.

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"Initially, the administrative court put him in a two-week custody for alleged violations at the border crossing. He underwent tortures. He has traces of tortures left. He was threatened his family members would be abducted... Simultaneously, starting from March 18, Malofeyev suddenly began testifying, saying Karpiuk was the second person after Muzychko among Ukrainians in Chechnya ," the lawyer explained.

"When Karpiuk was threatened his son would be kidnapped, he agreed to sign the testimony," Novikov said.

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