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 Power lines repair in Kherson region stopped at protesters' demand, - Ukrenerho

Ukrenerho company crew stopped the repair work at one of the four damaged power lines in the Kherson region.

This was announced by head of information policy administration of Ukrenerho state enterprise Zinovii Butsio, Censor.NET reports citing the Kherson regional state administration press service.

On Thursday, Nov. 26, at around 10 a.m., an Ukrenerho repair crew who were conducting works at the damaged pylon of Kakhovska-Tytan line stopped their works as requested by the participants of the Crimea power blockade.

According to Zinovii Butsio, the activists are expecting an answer from the activity's leaders regarding further coordination of their steps.

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One of the activists and leaders of the blockade, Lenur Isliamov, explained the request with the activists's demand from the Crimean occupational authorities to release political prisoners, and before they are released, the power would not be provided to Crimea, he said.

Ilsiamov noted that the activists continued their power and food blockade of Crimea. They are provided with all they need - food, medicine, warm clothes, and materials for heating and warming.

The protesters' leader added that several of them had caught cold and suffered pneumonia due to cold weather.

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"We are being helped by volunteers, the Kherson region residents, and authorities representatives with food supplies," Isliamov said. "So we are provided with everything we need here."

Earlier, Crimean Tatars' leader Mustafa Dhzemilev's wife was called in for questioning on the Kherson region power pylons damage case.

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