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 Power suply to Crimea to be restored after Russia releases at least one political prisoner, - Dzhemilev

Power supplies to the occupied Crimea will be restored if Russia fulfills at least one demand by the protesting Crimea Tatars.

This was announced by one of the Crimean Tatars leaders Mustafa Dzhemilev in commentary to Krym.Realii, Censor.NET reports.

MP and one of the initiators to the 'civil blockade' of Crimea Mustafa Dzhemilev announced at a briefing on Nov. 24 in Kyiv that power supply to the peninsula would be restored partially in three days. However, next day the leader of the protesters, Lenur Isliamov, said to the medium that journalists got Dzhemilev's words wrong.

"We have allowed restoring the power pylon, but we are not connecting the line itself. Because if the Russian side, the occupational authorities allow releasing prisoners, at least one of our political prisoners, we will have an option to connect it. This was our demonstration," Isliamov said.

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Dzhemilev corrected his position on Nov. 25 and said the power to Crimea would be restored if Russia granted at least one of the protesters' demands.

"They ought to make some conciliatory steps. I think they should release Akhtem Ciygoz, some key figures first of all. But they are doing none of it. So there's this pressure by the society, why the hell should be turn the light on for them," Dzhemilev said to the medium.

According to the deputy, Ukrainian authorities insist that power supplies to Crimea are restored, for agreements between Kyiv and Moscow provide for large fines by Ukraine to Russia in cases of disruption. However, Dzhemilev insists, the Crimean Tatars believe that the energy blockade should continue.

"The command post said to cut lines as of now. "As long as there is no command from Kyiv, we will not let you connect it." This is the situation as of now, and we'll see what it's like tomorrow," Dzhemilev said.

He stressed that his associates were not planning to renew power supplies to Crimea as of the moment. Dzhemilev hopes to be able to discuss the situation with President Poroshenko sometime soon.

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