Prosecutor-"cyborg" claims position at anti-corruption prosecutor's office

максим грищук

Tomorrow, Nov. 26, the second round of interviews with candidates for positions at the specialized anti-corruption prosecutor's office will continue. One of the contenders is Lviv prosecutor Maksym Hryshchiuk who defended the Donetsk airport as part of the 81st Separate Airmobile Brigade.

Censor.NET reports.

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In 2014, Hryshchiuk volunteered to defend Ukraine in the ranks of the armed forces. He fought from Aug. 15, 2014 to Sept. 18 this year, including at the Donetsk airport.

The soldier says his comrades were for quite a long time skeptical about him, struggling to believe he voluntarily went to war while suspecting him of escaping vetting or criminal prosecution.

Speaking of those prosecutors who travel to areas close to combat zone to stay there for several days to avoid screening Maksym categorically states: "Some people violate the oath without batting an eyelid while others change their homeland like socks or get various status... I disrespect these people."

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Maksym Hryshchiuk explains his decision to get actively involved in reforming the state by the following: "In the east, the guys say they will protect us from the enemy on the front, and we should protect them here, reforming the country. And when you come and see this parody of reforms... It's killing you."Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n362305