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 Russian travel companies to cease selling tours to Turkey: "Russians will soon stop travelling abroad at all"

Russian tour operators will be forced to refuse selling trips in Turkey.

This was reported by the Russian Union of Tour Operators, Censor.NET informs citing Gazeta.ru.

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"Tour operators will now stop selling travel offers. They just have no other choice. This is yet another heavy blow to the tourism industry since most adequate available alternative to the banned Egypt is unavailable. Only good five-star hotels with swimming pools and spa are open in Turkey in winter. The rest directions are more distant and more expensive. Offers in Israel's popular resort Eilat neighboring Egypt are more expensive," spokesperson for the union Irina Tiurina said.

She is convinced that the current developing is so bad that the Russians will soon stop travelling abroad at all.

"In general, the developing is so disastrous that it seems that people will not be willing to travel anywhere including within Russia, as they will not be in the mood to do it," she said.

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Earlier, the Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by a Turkish jet today. The Turkish side has repeatedly cautioned Russia against airspace violations during its campaign in Syria.

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