“World has started talking to Kremlin in only language it understands,” MP Parubii commented on Russian Su-24 downing

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, co-chairman of the NATO-Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Council Andrii Parubii believes that Turkey responded appropriately to the violation of its airspace by the Russian Su-24 bomber.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"Su-24 vs. F-16: "May God help the first one!" The aviation of the NATO country has shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber today. No more warnings. The story that it allegedly "has gone astray" does not work anymore. The world has started talking to Kremlin in only language it understands. Ukraine has long warned the civilized world that the Kremlin understood the language of force only. I have always stressed that the Kremlin stops just where it is stopped. And thousands of our guys did it on the eastern front having provided a fitting rebuff to the invader. Unfortunately, at the expense of the lives of the best sons of Ukraine," he wrote.

"Turkey realized it. The Russian aircraft incursions into its airspace were not ceased after repeated warnings. And that's why F-16 spoke the language the Kremlin understood," Parubii said.

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"It's one thing to bomb peaceful Syrian cities killing women and children, and another is just to make an attempt to get closer to NATO airspace," the MP said.

"Ukraine should join NATO," Parubii summed up.

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