Turkey has right to defend its borders, - Prime Minister Davutoglu on downed Russian Su-24

Turkey has the right to defend itself, taking all measures in case of violation of its airspace or land borders.

This was stated by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu after the incident with the Russian Su-24 bomber that was shot down in Turkey today Nov.24, Censor.NET reports citing CTV.News.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has defended Turkey's shooting down of a Russian fighter jet at the border with Syria, saying Turkey has the right "to take all kinds of measures" against border violations according to international laws.

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Davutoglu said Tuesday Turkey will not hesitate to take all steps to protect the country's security, calling it Turkey's "national duty." He stressed that the action did not amount to an aggression against any foreign territory.

Davutoglu also called on the international community to work toward "extinguishing the fire that is burning in Syria."

Turkey said it shot down the Russian plane after it violated Turkish airspace and ignored repeated warnings.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident with the downed Russian Su-24 bomber "a stab in the back." He also said that the Russian Su-24 bomber posed no threat to Turkey as "it was shot down 1 kilometer from the border."

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