"No more bribes at Odesa customs from now," Governor Saakashvili says

A new e-Customs, which will be integrated with existing customs databases used to collate prices of goods worldwide is to be set up in March.

Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili told Censor.NET about changes at the Odesa customs.

"There are no more bribes at the Odesa customs from now. Yuliia Marushevska is working with a team of professionals, and the results can be assessed by those who deal with the customs - we invite importers and exporters to have a try. As for the director of the Odesa port, a criminal case has been opened against him and he is no longer able to design smuggling schemes.

"The EU countries and the United States are enjoying Method 1 of customs valuation [transaction value method - ed.] - the price indicated in an invoice is considered during the clearance. But other countries, such as China, can't use this method. At least for now. So far, it can only be applied to products from countries strictly controlling their imports and exports. Of course, we may lose in revenue, but this will be offset by proceeds from the "white" importers.

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"The goods flow will dwindle to a certain extent with the "gray" imports shifting to other customs. I am conducting meetings with large companies, importers and exporters to convince them of the convenience and reliability of customs clearance in Odesa - I believe we'll succeed in attracting legal imports and exports.

"Approximately in March, we are planning to launch an e-Customs. It will be integrated with existing customs databases used to collate prices of goods worldwide. We'll fully eliminate corruption and prevent customs officers from any personal effect over the value of goods.

"The e-Customs will be automatically determining the customs value of goods, and lack of a reliable declaration from China will cease being a problem. Everything will be as in Georgia - friendly personnel clearing cargoes without delays, including for export. No more than 5-7 percent of goods will be subject to inspection for checking the reliability of declaration or possible smuggling. All will be done automatically. The e-Customs will exclude the human element. At the same time, there will be a staff competition, and we hope we'll be able to raise additional funds to pay the staff," the governor said.

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