Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko's assets may undergo check


People's deputy Ihor Lutsenko (Batkivshchyna) has filed a request to Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, asking to check the legality of acquiring real estate rights by Deputy Prosecutor General Vitalii Kasko and his family and bring perpetrators to justice if any.

Censor.NET reports citing MP's inquiry.

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Lutsenko says he's got documents stating that Kasko has twice received official accommodations from the PGO, which were subsequently privatized.

In 2002, Kasko received a one-room apartment of 49.5 square meters as official accommodation. The apartment was registered with Kasko and his mother who did not live in Kyiv and was not in the need of better housing conditions, as she constantly resided in a three-room apartment in Lviv.

In 2004, the apartment was privatized by Kasko's mother.

After that, in 2010, Kasko received another official apartment of 155 square meters in a new building on Druzhby Narodiv Ave. The flat was registered with Kasko, his mother, sister, and grandfather, who did not live in Kyiv. In 2014, Kasko privatized the apartment.

Moreover, Kasko continued to use the official apartment while being dismissed from the PGO.

Lutsenko also draws attention to the land plot of 1,819 square meters owned by Kasko. The basis for the acquisition of property rights is a deed of gift of 2009, when Kasko was working for the PGO. Consequently, the legality of acquiring the land has to be checked, as acceptance of gifts by officials may indicate receipt of undue profit.

In this connection, Ihor Lutsenko asks the prosecutor general to carry out proper checking.

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