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 Kryvyi Rih election fraud negligence may cause unrest

The chairman of the Kryvyi Rih election commission has to be substituted for a fair decision on city's mayoral vote to be taken.

As reported by Censor.NET, Kryvyi Rih mayoral candidate from Samopomich Yurii Myloboh said it to Radio Svoboda.

According to him, Nov. 23 his team will appeal against the decision of the Dnipropetrovsk district administrative court which dismissed his claim for invalidation of the election results. However, as Myloboh said, the court can only declare vote violations and recognize the inaction of the Central Election Commission, but the decision on recognizing the election invalid can only be made by the commission.

Myloboh says he and his team expect Petro Poroshenko to take decisions that will help out of the conflict.

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"We need to change the composition of the CEC. It is necessary that the chairman of the city election commission is substituted and a fair decision is taken. As a highest instance, the CEC can cancel the decision of the city election commission, which was taken illegally. If the laws are neglected, it may end in unrest, and neither me nor the deputies will be able to ease tensions. The protest movement in Kryvyi Rih is gaining momentum, the people are getting radicalized," Myloboh noted.

According to him, another rally is scheduled to take place in the city next week, which will be attended not only by local residents but also by the protesters from different cities of Ukraine.

"We barely restrain people. Today, they went to the city council and didn't break or damage a thing there. But it's for today; maybe for tomorrow, and at the end we can possibly fail in controlling the situation: people will not bear the deception," the mayoral candidate said.

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