EU to lift sanctions against Yanukovych's cronies in March, - Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko

The European Union will lift sanctions against former high-profile officials of the fugitive president Yanukovych's circle in March.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, this was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitalii Kasko in an interview with TSN.Tyzhden news show.

"I believe the sanctions will be lifted starting next year. [This will happen] gradually. I estimate that by March they will be lifted in full.

"The logic of the EU is simple - according to them, law enforcement agencies of a state need a year or two to find out what the money is and whether it had been earned in crime, and after this, to arrest accounts, immovable property, and other objects abroad using mechanisms of international legal aid. If two years are not enough, then the law enforcers operate ineffectively. From what I'm hearing from the Western partners, no extension of the sanctions should be expected," Kasko said.

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Deputy prosecutor general believes that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies shall be arresting property and assets of Yanukovych's former cronies when investigating criminal cases against them.

Kasko reminded that property and assets of former Ukrainian officials have been arrested under the sanctions in some EU countries, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

According to him, the property and funds have been arrested under decisions other than by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and courts, and that's the problem, for as soon the international administrative sanctions are lifted, the arrests will be ended as well.

Kasko stressed that the property and assets should be arrested within Ukrainian criminal proceedings, which will allow to keep them under the arrest after the sanctions are lifted and until Ukrainian courts make subsequent decisions within the cases.

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