Crimea faces power blackout, - Ukrenerho

Damage inflicted to power transmission lines in the Kherson region may lead to their complete collapse, which in turn menaces by complete blackout in occupied Crimea.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press service of Ukrenerho SE.

According to the state enterprise, the damage might have been inflicted by a shelling or an explosion.

The power is currently supplied to Crimea through Kakhovka - Ostrovsk power transmission line with capacity of 330 kV, and Kakhovka - Dzhankoi power transmission line with capacity of 330 kV in the amount of up to 650 MW with Crimea's demand of 900-950 MW.

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"Both lines have critical damage which can lead to their failure (e.g. due to unfavorable weather conditions such as strong wind). This will lead to a complete blackout in Crimea and a significant reduction of power supply reliability in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, which receive energy from the Kakhovka substation," the press service of Ukrenerho noted.

The energy company also added that if all three lines that transmit power from the Kakhovka substation to Crimea were disabled, it would make the network of the substation extremely unreliable, when the failure of just one element of the substation could lead to its full failure and, accordingly, power cutoff in 40% of the territory of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

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At present, technicians of the Dniprovska and Pivdenna energy systems are assessing the amount of necessary work as well as teams are created to carry out restoration work. The delivery of material and equipment for damaged infrastructure is underway.

It should be reminded that it was not the first case of intentional damage of power lines transmitting energy in Crimea. The Melitopol - Dzhankoi power transmission line of the Dniprovska energy system with capacity of 330 kV was damaged Oct. 20.

"We emphasize that Chaplynka and Kalanchak districts of the Kherson region with 65,000 residents are supplied from the Tytan substation located in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea," the press service of Ukrenerho noted.

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