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 New Brigade of career soldiers, blueprint of future Ukrainian army, is created witin National Guard, - volunteer Kasianov

The new light infantry brigade consisting of contract servicemen is created as part of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Volunteer Yurii Kasianov, the organizer and leader of the Matrix of Technologies NGO, which includes the volunteer experimental design office Matrix-UAV and detachment of unmanned aerial vehicles operating as its part, wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the organization plans to "render every assistance to this good initiative, share experience of unmanned aerial surveillance, carry out training, provide equipment and actual assistance on the front. The operators of drones with experience ready to cast in their lot with the army are welcome to the team of experts," Kasyanov wrote (please, contact brigade's staff office: Kyiv region, Hostomel, 1 Proskurivska Street, (+38 098) 614 5047, (+38 095) 686 2863 (+38 073) 474 6863, e-mail: 3018kadru@ukr.net).

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Kasyanov explains why this career military detachment is created within the National Guard but not within the Ministry of Defense: "Our generals do not need skilled troops, whom they are unable to control. As before, they place stake on mobilization, which "seventh wave" has already been scheduled, as well as poorly trained and poorly motivated contract soldiers.

"No military reform except new uniforms and hyped electronic trading system has been implemented by the Defense Ministry for a year and a half of war. Our Army remains a Soviet model one both conceptually and by its structure and spirit, which unfortunately satisfies the military leadership and the head of state," he wrote.

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"The Army must be based on entirely different principles of recruiting, different methods of training and employment of the Armed Forces. Career detachments meeting the highest international standards should have been created as part of the Ministry of Defense a year ago. ... This requires political will only," the volunteer said.

"Why the National Guard is so well-equipped, supplied with brand new hardware while the soldiers of the Ministry of Defense often walk in rags and drive rust buckets? - Because it's two different bodies. The National Guard does not have any preferences and its budget is definitely smaller. These bodies just have different approaches to the issues of provisioning, equipment, training...

"What are the differences between the new brigade and "usual" detachments manned with contract soldiers? It has significantly higher level of financing; serious training; very different relations among the military. There is different motivation and rigorous selection of the personnel as a result... The brigade will eventually have unmatched combat capabilities," he wrote adding that the new brigade would be purely fighting detachment with tanks, artillery, drones without any batons or shields.

"An extended and tough combat training is planned with subsequent compulsory combat missions at the front. This will be a military unit of skilled career soldiers, a blueprint of future Ukrainian army," Kasianov concluded.

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