Poroshenko Bloc MP Iryna Friz exposes lies of Ukraine’s General Staff: "You’d better not respond to media but start Special Operations Forces drills in due time"

Verkhovna Rada deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction Iryna Friz again accused the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of disrupting the training and exercises of Special Operations Forces (SOF) supported by NATO.

She wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Friz stated the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine definitely disrupted the military exercises by violating the schedule. The MP received calls from both Kyiv and Washington with this regard, and Germany had questions as well.

"General Staff would better not respond to reports in the media, which have allegedly misunderstood something, but start staging SOF drills at Khmelnytskyi that were scheduled to begin yesterday according to the accords with NATO," she insisted.

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"I remind the General Staff that there is a working group within the Presidential Administration on the establishment of the SOF where I serve in as one of the authors of the bill on the SOF, which means that I have complete information on the current run of events. Concerning the comments by Mr. Selezniov, please be advised that holding of exercises in Khmelnytskyi was a consolidated position agreed with the United States. The idea that Yavoriv ground is more suitable site is solely the decision of the General Staff taken a week before the launch of the international exercises that has not been agreed with our partners," the MP wrote.

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"I can see the level of interaction between the General Staff and NATO at the event dedicated to security which is taking place at this time in Germany in the Marshall Center. Not a single representative of the General Staff attended it despite the invitation. I would also like to remind the General Staff that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine exercises parliamentary control including over the activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the Constitution and Ukrainian legislation.

"Therefore, any actions posing threat to the policy of the President of Ukraine, Ukraine's image and cooperation with foreign strategic partners is a priority concern for members of the Solidarity (Poroshenko Bloc) parliamentary faction and for me as a representative of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense," Iryna Friz summed up.

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