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 No votes recalculation in Kryvyi Rih due to lack of quorum, city council ready to 'crown' Vilkul, - Semenchenko

Despite massive protest of city residents, Kryvyi Rih city election committee and local authorities are ignoring people's demands and do not announce vote recalculation. At the same time, city council session started in the morning, aiming to announce Vilkul mayor.

This was written by Samopomich MP Semen Semenchenko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Residents of Kryvyi Rih protested against the "Russian world" and Ukrainian corruption in Kryvyi Rih. Look at those faces. Members of the election committee who announced Yurii Vilkul mayor without considering a single petition, and the parties they belong to had just spit the people in the face yesterday.

"At night, only one complaint was granted regarding falsification (others to be considered at 4 p.m. today). Recalculation was scheduled for 8 a.m. this morning. But it has not started (there is lack of quorum). At the same time, the first session of the Kryvyi Rih city council is starting with the goal to "crown" Vilkul. Without petitions considered, without recalculation," he said.

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"Opposition Bloc has no majority. They will have it if one of "democratic" factions betrays and votes along with the "party of regions." Samopomich, Ukrop, Syla Luidei will not do that. Let's see who betrays from those remaining.

"The struggle continues. Courts, recalculations, and people - the most important. Look at their eyes. Yesterday, Kryvyi Rih became an example of civic stance, gut, patience, and tenacity for the entire Ukraine," Semenchenko wrote.

Мітинг перед мерією Кривого Рогу. Тисячі криворіжців прийшли, щоб підтримати кандидата від "Самопомочі" Юрія Милобога та захистити від фальсифікацій своє волевиявлення під час 2-го туру виборів міського голови.Відео: Віктор Коваленко

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