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 OSCE records truce violations in Donbas

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) has recorded numerous cease-fire violations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Censor.NET reports citing mission's report of Nov. 15.

"The SMM recorded cease-fire violations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. On Nov. 14, from its position at "Donetsk People's Republic"-controlled Donetsk railway station (6 km north-west of Donetsk), the SMM heard a total of 14 bursts of light machine-gun at locations 3 km north-north-west and 4 km west-north-west. In three separate locations in the southern part of the Donetsk region, "DPR"-controlled Telmanove (50 km north-east of Mariupol), government-controlled Volnovakha (55 km north of Mariupol) and "DPR"-controlled Novooleksandrivka (63 km north-east of Mariupol), the SMM heard several undetermined explosions," the report reads.

As also reported, near "Luhansk People's Republic"-controlled Raivka (16 km north-west of Luhansk), the SMM heard five undetermined explosions (possibly artillery fire) and one burst of heavy machine gun fire 2 km north of its position.

On Nov. 15, positioned at Donetsk railway station, the SMM heard a total of 229 explosions (anti-aircraft gun, one impacting 120-mm mortar round, and undetermined weapons) mainly at locations 3-5 km north, north-north-west, north-west and west of its position, as well as at least 250 bursts of small arms and heavy machine-gun mainly at locations west, west-south-west of its position.

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