Tensions between Russia and West abate, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that tensions between Russia and its Western partners started to wear off as felt at the 2015 G-20 Antalya summit.

Censor.NET reports citing Interfax.

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"There were no problems either then [at the last G-20 summit - ed.] or now. But it felt more tense, of course, than today. The difference is definitely felt," Putin said at a summit final press conference in Antalya.

According to Russia's president, "life goes on, things are changing, there are new problems, new threats, new challenges that are difficult to solve on your own, it is necessary to join efforts." He also stressed that "we have never given up good relations with our partners, either in the East or the West."

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"Those unilateral measures that restricted our cooperation in various areas were initiated not by us but our partners. If our partners believe that the time has come to change our relations, we will welcome it. We have never refused to work together and shut the doors on our cooperation," Putin said.

The Russian president noted that at the expert level, the European countries show interest in resuming ties with Russia. "It seemed to me that, indeed, in any case, at the expert level, at the level of discussing challenges, there is a clear interest to resume work in many areas, including economic, political and security," Putin argued.

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The Russian leader also stressed the need of creating a single anti-terrorist coalition. "I think it [creating a single anti-terrorist coalition - ed.] is not only possible but also necessary. I said this at the session of the United Nations devoted to its 70th anniversary. This is what I said, and the tragic events that followed only confirm how right we were," Putin told journalists.

He emphasized that Russia never shut the doors on cooperation. "We believe that this cooperation can be established both at the political level and at the level of the security services which should actively work with each other, exchange information, help each other and warn each other of danger," Putin said.
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