Islamis State terrorists may have accomplices in Ukraine, – Poroshenko

Terrorists in Ukraine might have Islamic accomplices, law enforcers say.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced today, Censor.NET reports citing Channel 5.

"We have new threats now. After the terrible attacks in Paris, we have received information about possible links between Islamic terrorists and those in Ukraine. Yesterday I gave an absolutely clear order to prevent the threats and cooperate with our foreign partners to protect peace and tranquility in Ukraine," he said.

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Ukraine to strengthen security measures at airports and in cities

The president added that enhanced security measures will be maintained
in cities for at least two weeks.

"According to information received by the Ukrainian intelligence services and Ukrainian police, we will keep the mode of enhanced security in order to protect the peace, health and freedoms of our citizens for at least two weeks," he said.

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