Ukrainian helicopter crashed in Slovakia: six people died

A Ukrainian civilian helicopter has crashed in Slovakia, killing six people.

Сensor.NET reports citing Reuters.

A Ukrainian civilian helicopter has crashed in eastern Slovakia, killing six people, a Slovak interior ministry spokesman said on Friday.

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The helicopter crashed near Slovakia's border with Ukraine, the spokesman said, adding he had no other immediate details about the incident.

A Slovak daily paper Denník N reported that the Ukrainian Mi-2 helicopter was detected on Wednesday as it entered country's airspace but authorities only discovered the crash site on Friday.

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Later, the local police reported that the helicopter crashed near Michalovce. The border guards said that on Wednesday they recorded the sound of heli's flight but could not see it on the radar because of the low altitude. However, the Ukrainian side confirmed a helicopter flight across the border. The search of the crashed aircraft was impeded by heavy fog. Only today, a Slovak border guard helicopter was able to find the crash site. Adverse weather conditions and low altitude are named as the most probable causes of the accident. One of the working versions - a smuggling of refugees - is being checked.

Neither gender nor ethnicity of the deceased can be established as the bodies are said to be in terrible condition.
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