Two counter battery radars to be delivered from US to Ukraine this week, - Ambassador Pyatt

At the moment, the United States will not supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. However, it will focus on providing more sophisticated non-lethal assistance, in particular, radars as well as training the Ukrainian military.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt said it in an interview with Den newspaper, Censor.NET reports.

"First of all, we have provided slightly more than 260 million dollars in security sector assistance since the revolution. That has included training, which I would argue is the most important assistance we have provided, but also things like Humvees, and counter-mortar radars. We will have two counter battery radars, which will be delivered this week at Yavoriv, and we are going to continue that. As Assistant Secretary Slotkin announced last week, the current National Defense Authorization Act includes 300 million dollars in additional resources. So, this is a substantial increase and a major step forward. It has to work its way now through the final process, but we have already started the conversation with our Ukrainian partners about how they believe those additional resources which Congress is providing can most effectively be utilized to support the capacity of the Ukrainian military to defend your own territory. But in this area, just like the others, the task of reform is job number one. We see our training efforts as part of a larger effort to support reform and transformation of the Ukrainian military," he elaborated on the U.S. military assistance to Ukraine.

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"I'm very pleased with the additional 300 million dollars that Assistant Secretary Slotkin announced, which represents a major increase in the level of our security assistance," the diplomat added.

"President Obama, the White House has made very clear we are not doing lethal assistance right now. That could change in the future, in response to developments on the ground. But at least for now, the assistance that we provide is anticipated to be non-lethal. But, it is a very large sum, and frankly, you have seen over the past year and a half that the level of sophistication of the non-lethal assistance we provide has steadily grown. So, we started up providing MREs and basic equipment, we are now providing encrypted radios, and night vision, and very modern counter battery radar systems," Pyatt said.

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