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 If Minsk’s implementation postponed to 2016, sanctions should be extended as well, - US Ambassador Pyatt

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt predicts that if the deadline for the implementation of the agreements reached in Minsk (Belarus) is extended to 2016, the sanctions imposed against Russia will be also extended to 2016.

He said it in an interview with Den newspaper, Censor.NET reports.

"If the Minsk's implementation is postponed to 2016, and sanctions should be extended to 2016. We are very clear that sanctions relief is going to be tied to full implementation of the Minsk Agreement, including the restoration of the Ukrainian control over the border, withdrawal of all Russian fighters and equipment, and the release of all hostages, including high-profile prisoners like Nadia Savchenko and Oleh Sentsov. So, Russia has a great deal of work still to do before we can say that Russia is implementing its side of the Minsk Agreement. Over the short term, we strongly welcome the fact that the level of shooting has diminished on the contact line, it means there is less human suffering, but as you point out, there are still regular instances of skirmishing, there was a substantial massed attack over the weekend near Mariinka, and it's very important that Ukraine tells the world what it is doing to comply with its promises for ceasefire and the withdrawal of weapons as provided for in the September package of measures, but also to make sure that the world understands the actions that Russia and its separatist proxies are taking to defy the ceasefire," the diplomat said.

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"I was in Washington on Thursday and was able to meet with all of our senior leadership at the State Department and at the White House. It was very clear to me that people continue to follow developments here in Ukraine very closely, are keenly interested in the success of President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatseniuk's efforts and will remain engaged. We understand that what's happening here is not just about Ukraine, it's about the future of Europe and the Euro-Atlantic security system. So, we are going to remain engaged," - Geoffrey Pyatt said.
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