Yarosh's resignation related to radicalization of part of Right Sector members

Dmytro Yarosh has resigned as leader of the Right Sector being aware that some members of the movement demanded a sharp radicalization.

Speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Right Sector Andrii Sharaskin said on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET informs.

"I think that it is a natural process of the organization's growth, which has shown us that the organization is dissimilar in its ways to achieve our only goal - the creation of the Ukrainian Independent State. Dmytro has carefully approached this issue, knowing that a part of the membership requires a sharp radicalization. He considers it to be unacceptable, though, by all means, saying that they have the right to such an opinion," he said.

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"In order not to influence their decisions and identify independent views of other part of the membership, that supports its foundations and vision of the leader, he expressed his position on his ousting from the duties of the leader of the national liberation movement. He is definite in this," Sharaskin added.

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