Pentagon announces possible military sales to Europe, worth $880 million, - Defense News

The Pentagon notified the U.S. Congress of $880 million in possible military sales in Europe, which includes aircraft for France's sub-Saharan Africa campaign, rockets for Finland to protect its Russian border and Hellfire missiles for the United Kingdom's airstrikes against the Islamic State.

This is reported by Defense News, Censor.NET informs.

According to the Pentagon agency, one of the three sales, the $650 million package for France, "will be used to support national, NATO, United Nations, and other coalition operations," according to the announcement, and "greatly increase interoperability" between the U.S. and French air forces, as well as other NATO allies.

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Russia looms behind the potential $150 million munitions package for Finland. The potential sale would include guided multiple launch rocket system (GMLRS) M31A1 unitary and GMLRS M30A1 alternative warhead rockets, which Finland would use to "strengthen and secure its national borders" and "improve Finland's capability to meet current and future threats."

Finland, a non-NATO country, shares an 830-mile border with Russia.

Anti-Islamic State operations are driving the potential $80 million package for the UK.

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